It was a great honour to take over as WM BIM Hub Chair in April of this year. Supported by the steering group, made up of a wide diversity of construction industry professionals we set out to relaunch the regional hub in the Spring following a period of inactivity.

With a goal to ensure hub attendees have the knowledge and tools available to be best placed as we move closer to the Government 2016 BIM Level 2 mandate, since the initial relaunch we have held our first 3 events as part of our Summer summer series;

BIM Level 2 Update 
Government Soft Landings 
Practical BIM

These 3 events have provided a focus on giving the hub attendees a clear overview of current happenings in the industry from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

One highlight of this series was the opportunity to welcome Rob Manning of the BIM Task Group to provide his expert insight and knowledge on the topic of Soft Landings (an integral part of BIM) and the ongoing development of the NBS ToolKit – always a hot topic!

We have now confirmed the next 3 hub events for the autumn series as follows;

Back to School – Learning Outcomes Framework
Meet the Expert – BIM Q&A
BIM & The Design Manager

As part of this series, we are very fortunate to be able to welcome a number of confirmed external speakers to the hub. Firstly, Richard Lane of the BIM Task Group and author of the Learning Outcomes Framework to present and Secondly, Duncan Reed of Tekla to present and answer your questions on the role of the Design Manager in a fast moving industry.

As part of my role of hub champion, I meet with the other regional chairs on regular basis to ensure we are all actively pursuing the same goal on a national scale. Elsewhere  in the country, the regional hubs are seeing great success with numbers increasing event on event. I can only hope that we maintain our momentum and can lead the way for others going forwards.

We are already actively planning the series of events for the new year, with key themes leading forward the topics of Law and Clients. We also have plans for a WM BIM Hub 2016 BIM mandate launch get together so keep an eye on the website for details.

Communication and collaboration are still big barriers in the construction industry and we want to make steps to change this. We have formalised our Website, Twitter and LinkedIn presence to create a platform for open dialogue between the hub attendees and wider audience. I urge all to get involved. Provide your feedback, suggest future events and perhaps most importantly of all begin to share your journey with others. The hub not only provides the opportunity to learn about BIM, but I hope we act as a facilitator to bringing more like minded people and organisation together within the region promoting opportunities of a commercial nature.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who has attended the hub, supported the hub via provision of a venue/ refreshments or observed and participated in the wider context. We hope to see you all at our next event on 8th September but if you have any burning questions, suggestions or feedback on the interim please do get in touch.


Olly Thomas and the WM BIM Hub Steering Group 

Update from Olly Thomas, Regional BIM Hub Champion